[Trading Journal] – 4th Week of January 2019

Power of Awareness

This week my emotion was being passively reacted by the result from trading.

This is happening because of less rest time and rushing of project from job. This week I have ignore the process of meditation in the morning. Revising the mistake I made, I need to resume my meditation process and aware and control my emotion.

Aware of my emotion when I take a lose or even a streak of loses. On the other hand, it is the same when I having a win or strike of win.

Aware that my pride that may growing like a bubble or flatting like a tyre.

By having the awareness, I need to have the ability to “see” my emotion.

Then ANALYZE it.

When I have the emotion of nervous when wanting to place a trade. I need to take a step back when I aware of it. Then i need ask myself that why i have this emotion appear.

The force that let me step back is the awareness.

The questions for myself about the emotion, is the analysis, the emotion analysis.

I will need to analyze by asking myself question like,

“is it I took a lose before that and wanting to ‘revenge’ on the market now?”,

Or “Did I miss out an important element from my trading system when make my trading decision?”

Or “Is it the gut feeling tell me something I didn’t noticed?”

By asking these question, most of the time I will know that why I will have these emotion appear and then I can prevent doing some of the mistake. Mostly I can prevent myself by did not follow my trading strategy.


Thing To Keep In Mind

Emotion is a signal, it can act as a tool when we analyze the market and give us an alert.

When we make trading decision that we are not familiar or when we didn’t follow the trading system as we set, the emotion signal will tend to come out.

To use our emotion as our tool, the first thing to do is to aware that we are “in” the emotional zone.

Aware that it appear, let it serve us.


Thanks for spending your precious time together.

Let us grow and learn together.


Jordan V.

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