[Trading Journal] – 4th Week of February 2019

This week I still haven’t manage to trust my system to “set and forget”. My emotion interfered by always looking at the screen and “forcing” the result in my mind, this still need to be improve. This had lead me to quit a trade earlier and taking a tiny profit instead of larger profit.

Last month with a positive return of 13.3% and 66.6% win rate. If compare with January trade result, which has the return of -3.5% (yes, negative) with a loss rate of 66.6%.

In January, I had a few unstable emotional state and trade numbers is low. I think this causes the return is in negative. But in February, my trade number increase and with the help of probability, consecutive wins occurred.

Total the half year of trading result after the deep dive in capital in last year, I manage to obtain an average win rate of 52% and average monthly return of 5.9%.

Realized that most of the profit and loss is due to my emotional, the psychology part in the trading. Need to sharpen it to maximize my result and minimize my losses.

Sometime, i need to trust my system and avoid affect by stupid psychology of worries and scared. Be confident. This is the game of probability with the support of psychology.


Things to be learnt

Emotional control, trust in myself and be humble.


Thanks for spending your precious time together.

Let us grow and learn together.


Jordan V.

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