[Trading Journal] – 2nd Week Of February

[Trading Journal] – 2nd Week Of February

This week, the return is in positive. But when I had a lose trade, my emotion is affected into the next trade.

When I place the next trade, I follow my own rules. But this time, I didn’t “set and forget” about the trade. I’m tide on the screen and scared that the trade will fail although I had place a good and nice stop-loss.

Luckily I aware of my emotion and let myself to walk away. Then, it become a winning trade.

I should not be forcing for the result and should confidently walk away after placing the trade. After the trade is placed with rules followed, I should believe my decision.

Things to reminded this week,

Be process-oriented not result-oriented. I have a tested system, the things I need to do next is just follow the system.

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