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Do you want to think and grow rich?

Do you want to be wealthy? If you do, I think u must check it out this book.

This book is a classic and introduced by many successful entrepreneurs and millionaires.

It is sure the blueprint for growing your wealth.

I think the most important key for this book is the shift in mindset.

“The riches think differently than the poor.”

You might be heard of this phrase before.

This will be the book you need to read no matter you want to be an entrepreneur, become wealthy or having financial freedom.

The book’s information and knowledge give me the guidance to improve myself and switching my mindset to “thinking rich”.

I’m very sure the book will give you a lot of benefit too.

Think and Grow Rich

In the following, I will only include some of the key points that I think is the most important since the message in this book is too much.

The key points are including:

But first, let me introduce who is the author and what made the book so special.


The Men Behind the Work: Napoleon Hill

When the author Napoleon Hill wrote the book, he claimed that he had carefully analyzed more than 500 exceedingly wealthy men and record down what are their practice, method and thinking process.

Some of the famous people he had analyzed are like Thomas A. Edison, Henry Ford and Napoleon.

The first thing that this book impressed me is that it is published in 1937 and still print and selling until today! It is about 80 years old book and the things teaches still workable now!

But some of the things he wrote has been a little outdated because we are in the information age now. But the fundamental of the methods are very never expired. With some simple twitch, the method he teaches still are very very very valuable.

 So here are the keys I summarized and reviewed…


#1 Desire to Success

Desire to Success

The first steps to get rich and wealthy is to have the desire to get rich!

Have the desire to get rich is not mean that thinking about “I wish I can have more money” or “I wish to win the lottery”.

What Exactly You Want?

In this book Napoleon Hill stated that desire to get rich is mean by you need to know what exact amount of money you want and the exact date you want it.

E.g. I want to have USD 1,000,000 in my saving account in 1st of January 2022.

The clearer your goal, the better. The goal must be clearly stated so that you KNOW what you want.

If you do not know what you want, how you can get it?

What You Willing To Scarify For Your Goal?

Find out what is the thing you want to give it as a return for exchanging the money you want.

Simple example here will be like you may plan to give up your free time in watching Youtube videos and using the time to start a new business or learning new skills that can help you to build your wealth.

Next, write all the details down and read it aloud twice a day. Don’t do it in your mind, do it on a paper or a notebook.

 The action of read it loudly seems very stupid but very powerful. You must try it, it works!

“Riches do the things that the poor doesn’t do” right?

With this step, we can programmed our mind repeatedly what we really want to achieve until our conscious and sub-conscious clearly believe and have the burning obsession to follow the plan and get the money we want to have.

I think the desire is not really about the steps, although the steps still very important. But the most important thing is really the DESIRE TO SUCCESS.

Desire is a powerful emotional juice that made us achieve what we want to achieve. Like we are the magnet that attract the wealth to us.

You want to have a powerful desire of having the money before you have it. This is called the law of attraction. 

Burning Desire

One of the method that I think it’s very useful to have persistence which also mentioned at above.

It is to develop the BURNING DESIRE which fill up your emotional tank.

The burning desire i is like a pulling force that pull you toward your goals rather than you or others try to keep pushing you to move forward.

Burning Desire is the fuel, when your tank is full with fuel, nobody can stop you from doing what you want to achieve including yourself.

You will keep think of it,dream of it and eventually live with it.


#2 Creating Your Faith

Faith to Think and Grow Rich

With reading the goals and plan that we written down every day, it will let the information sink into our sub conscious mind.

When our sub conscious know what we really want, it just like put our focus in auto-pilot mode.

 This will let us think that achieving the goal is meant to be our faith.  

 “Faith is a state of mind, and that it may be induced by self-suggestion”

When becoming rich is our faith, we will take any actions and sacrifices to achieve our goal.

So repetitively reading of the detail plan and goals we set are very important.


I personally like to use meditation to help me to “feel” my goal.


In the state of meditation, I will “feel” the condition as if I had achieved my goal and already become wealthy. Then, I took that feeling and become the fuel to keep me pushing forward.

Do you have a time that you faced a difficult task and you think you cannot complete it?

But after when you finish the task, you will feel that actually it’s not that hard to complete it.

Same here for building the wealth.

We will feel that it a very difficult process and don’t know how to complete it.

But if we run the process of achieving our goal in our mind repeatedly over a long period of time, we will deeply feel that achieving the goal is a must, no matter how hard or difficult the process is.

I’m using a type of meditation method called 6-Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani.

I think this meditation method is suitable for you who are chasing your dream and try to manage your emotions and increase mental energy level.

The 6-phase meditation is the most helpful meditation to me, after I tried couples of the other meditation method.

So…give it a try!


#3 Leverage the Specialized Knowledge

Knowledge to Think And Grow Rich

In this book, the author stated the knowledge is only potential power. It will become the real power when we put the knowledge into action that lead us to achieve what we wanted to achieve.

For science student explanation, this is like how the potential energy convert into kinetic energy that make the plan works.

In your plan to achieve your goal, you will need some of the specialized knowledge or skills.

In this information age, if you need to acquire certain type of knowledge for your plan, you can learn them from the internet, online forum, online course, webinar, seminar, books, from a mentor, colleges and universities and many more.

I think the most important is to USE the right specialized knowledge to support your plan to achieve your goal.

If you need certain knowledge but that is your weak part, the author suggests that to have a Master Mind group to help you.

Master Mind Group

The Master Mind group is mean by a group of people who have same minded that share their experience together and help each other to solve each other’s problem.

Try to imagine everyone in the Master Mind group have a certain strength in certain specialized knowledge.

When you have the encounter problem in your plan, their experience and knowledge may can help you to solve your problems.

So, it is a wise choice to find a like-minded group of people and let each of the group member to help each other in the goal achieving journey.


#4 Organize Your Bullet-Proof Plan

Bullet-Proof Planning

From the words of author, Master Mind group are essential for building wealth.

You need to ally your own Master Mind group or join an existing one so that the members that can help you to make your plan works smoothly.

As you want to be in a master mind group, you must have the same level of benefit or advantage that you can offer to them so that they will also willing to help you.

To success, you also must have a plan that is absolute and without error. So that your Master Mind group member can trust you and assist you to achieve your goals.

But how can we know our plan is perfect?? No, we don’t.

The thing we can do is work our plan out, if it doesn’t work, then adopt a new plan. If it doesn’t work again, change it again. This step is continue looping until we achieved our goal.

Change your approach, but never change your goal.

The process of try-and-error allowed us to gain experience and knowledge after we fail and lead us to come out a better plan.

But don’t wait until you have a “prefect” plan, because plan never perfect.

To have a better guidance for you to work out your plan, you need to check out this book.

There are a dozen of tools and ways to improve ourselves so that we have a higher percentage of success rate. They are like how to be a better leader and how to apply for the position you want.


#5 Be Persistence

Be presistance

Persistence is everything.

Doing the things that you planed and never give up. You must act and do the job no matter how small or how slow, be persistence.

The book gives me ideas and guide me how to keep persistence.

Definite Purpose

The main and most helpful idea in this section is to definite purpose and burning desire need to be big enough that you MUST achieve it.

Using this philosophy, you will try tell yourself that you need to focus on your purpose no matter you had fall or moving slow.

Your “WHY” is very important, when your Why is big enough than just yourself, then you will have that persistence to continue to work toward your goals no matter how you fall.

Failure is a part of the journey toward success.

“Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage”

Every time you failed, you will feel not very good and disappointed.

But if you have your WHY,


You will try to take that as an opportunity to learn so that you can grow faster.

Your Why, your purpose will lead you to start and accomplish the things you need to do.

On the other hand, to help us to fight for our goals, the book also stated what are the symptoms when we lack of persistence.

I think you should know it and aware of it if you have this problem.

3 major symptoms

3 major symptoms mentioned which I believe many of us have, are like procrastination, Self-Satisfaction and Lack of Organized Plans.

Procrastination is the mood of delaying the things we should but did not do.

Self-Satisfaction is we are feeling good about our current situation and do not want to seek for improvement.

Lack of Organized Plans mean our actions does not have a good plan to guide us to our desire goals. Just like we drive in a foreign city without a GPS.

I also have these problem before, many times…and I’m trying to fix it.

When we are in these situation, we often didn’t realize that we have these problems.

The hardest part of changing is not realizing that you have the problem.

By realizing that we have these problem, it gives us a guidance that we need to be more productive, to always improving myself and having a detail plan for my goal.

I realized that you can ask yourself that, “do I have the symptoms that cause me procrastinate and stopping me to achieve my goal?”

The most important key for you to take away is knowing WHERE is your problem and change it.



In first point, the book teaches how we can use our desire and become the faith to achieve success and building wealth.

In the second point of specialized knowledge, it stated we not only can get the knowledge we need to achieve success in university and school. With the help of Master Mind group, we don’t even need to learn deeply in the knowledge for using it.

Then, we need to develop the kind of mindset to organize our plan and make it to help us to achieve wealth.

And the most important is to be persistence and how we can maintain it to achieve the wealth we want.

The most important is it give me a guidance to change my mindset about what I wanted to achieve in life, not just in the categories of finance.

I think you can relate these points also can help us to achieve other goal in the other categories of our life, like family & friends relationship, physical and personal development. 

There are still a lot of valuable information from this book to let us learn and work on.

I strongly encourage you to pick up this book and slowly digest the knowledge and implement it.

You can pick up your Think And Grow Rich here (with FREE SHIPPING) if you want to be rich!

Please do leave a comment below about your thought of these points. Did they give you some glimpse to step forward to create your own wealth?


Thanks for spending your precious time together.

Let us grow and learn together.


Jordan V.

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