About Me

In this blog that i want share the things i learnt about personal finance, personal growth and trading.

I’m not a professional in financial or a full time trader. But I’m learning to be one.

By watching and helping with my parents job during my young age, I learn that they work very very hard with little rest time. They work almost 365 days a year, 10 hours per day.

This make me think, is it getting enough money to live a good life is that difficult even we work that hard.

Should my parents deserve more as they work that hard???


Until the first year of my university life,

I pick up a book about finance, the Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This book change my perception about money and let me begin the journey of exploring how to make money, how to let money work for us.

And the most important is how can I let my parents retire as soon as possible.


Across several years of reading books after books and trial and error.

I had found that trading give me the choice and power to achieve my goals.


With one year plus of trading experience and several years of self-learning about personal finance and personal growth,

I believe I can share what I had learnt across these years to you.

Another purpose of this blog is to help me as a journal,

to record my journey toward financial freedom and become a full time trader.


“Everyone is a trader.
Some people trade time for a paycheck.
Some people trade risk for profits.
Some trade happiness for security.
Some trade principles for politics.
Some trade ethics for cash.”

– Steve Burns


If you are starting or just started to work toward financial freedom, I hope this blog’s contents can help you with your goal.

Giving you some of the valuable knowledge I learnt across the journey.

Let us learn and improve together.


Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

Email: jordan@trademakecents.com

All the best to you,


Jordan V.